SmartCaps primary aim is to develop Estonian venture capital market by being committed investor in venture capital funds

Through our fund investments we aim to fuel growth in innovative startup companies, which in turn help to solve world’s technological challenges and in addition help to boost economy by creating high value-added jobs, generating revenues and tax income.

As of year end 2020, our portfolio consists of two early stage VC funds from Estonia – Tera Ventures I and Superangel One and also investments into Startup Wise Guys batches 1-7 and SelfDiagnostics OÜ.

Stable growth of investments

As of the year end 2020, our portfolio funds and direct investments had reached a total of 100 companies, which represents a 6% growth year-over-year.


Creating job opportunities

Our portfolio companies had nearly 1750 employees on payroll as of the year end 2020, representing a slow year-over-year growth despite COVID crisis.

Significant boost to economy

In 2020 the sales of our portfolio companies grew from 260 million euros to nearly 400 million euros (more than 53% growth year-over-year).

Solid tax income

Our portfolio companies generated almost 29 million euros of tax revenue in 2020, a strong 45% growth year-over-year.