Cleveron and Itella to rapidly expand self-service parcel delivery network

May 03, 2012
Parcel solution provider Cleveron will be supplying Finnish postal operator Itella with parcel terminals to support Itella’s fast expansion of its self-service parcel network in Finland and Estonia.

Cleveron will need to cater for growing demand as Itella intends to double the number of parcel points in Finland during the course of 2012, bringing the total number up to 100. The Finnish postal operator has also announced an agreement with Kesko, a Finnish retailing conglomerate, to install automated parcel points in all the existing and future K-citymarket chain stores by the end of 2013. There are currently 75 K-citymarkets in Finland.

"Our goal is to make receiving parcels as easy as possible for consumers and that way support the development of e-commerce,” says Aku Happo, vice president of Itella Parcel Services. Happo sees the partnership with Cleveron as vital in the expansion, due to the company’s experience in implementing and operating the business model. “It’s not only technology and lockers, but rather the complex solution that Cleveron has developed and put into practice which will enable us to grow our customer base,” Happo explains. 

Estonian-founded Cleveron’s technology that powers Itella’s parcel points has witnessed quick adoption in its home country. In only 3 years the deliveries through the self-service parcel points have grown to constitute up to 50% of the total e-commerce parcel market in Estonia. With deliveries in Estonia almost doubling in 2011, Itella is also looking at expanding the network in the northernmost Baltic state. By the end of 2012, Itella expects to grow the number of self-service parcel points in Finland and Estonia to a total of 162. 

Cleveron offers parcel delivery solutions for postal service providers in all developed markets. The company was founded in 2007 in Estonia. Currently Cleveron’s solutions are used by postal operators in Finland, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine.