SmartCap joins Green Tiger network

In June, SmartCap joined Green Tiger – a network of companies contributing to achieving the green transition.

Green business

Mari Vavulski, a member of the board of SmartCap, says joining Green Tiger is directly linked to SmartCap’s activities in the field of sustainability. These include the activities of the SmartCap GreenFund, which invests in green technologies.

“Globally, most of the financial sector is valuing eco-friendly activities more and more,” she explained. “In financing decisions, preference is clearly being given to activities and projects that are eco-conscious, and sustainability is valued in a wider sense as well. SmartCap established GreenFund with the aim of investing 100 million euros in new green technologies in the coming years.”

In light of this, Vavulski added, joining Green Tiger was the logical next step for SmartCap, as it creates an opportunity to contribute even more to fostering green entrepreneurship and creating wider awareness of related subjects.

Green Tiger is a cross-sector collaboration platform which was established in 2020. It seeks to devise, educate people about and implement a plan for a balanced economy. It is aiming for a green leap in the development of Estonian society through cooperation with individuals, businesses, the public sector and NGOs.