Update on the Deep Tech Call progress

SmartCap is proceeding to the negotiation phase in the Deep Tech Fund call with the preferred applicant.

As the latest developments of the deep tech call, SmartCap has concluded main steps within the selection process, including eligibility screening, assessment of applications, meetings with shortlisted applicants, selection of preferred applicant and has now reached the final stages of the due diligence process. As the next step, SmartCap  has entered to the negotiation phase with the preferred applicant, while having selected two additional applicants for the reserve list.

There has been good progress with the call, however due to the remaining travel restrictions and limited possibilities to arrange meetings during the due diligence, it has taken slightly longer than expected to finalize the selection process. Therefore, SmartCap expects to complete the call in the 4th quarter of 2021, subject to successful negotiations.

All information about the call, including the call document, is available at https://smartcap.ee/open-calls/deeptech/.