The results of the procurement for implementation of high-tech company development programme

SmartCap uses public procurement to find the partners for executing the sub-activities that are focused on high-tech entrepreneurship ecosystem development and provision of the services. 

SmartCap started implementing the activities of the research accelerator of the Startup Estonia Programme starting from 2021. These sub-activities must support the development of high-tech entrepreneurship ecosystem via activities of a start-up or a potential start-up to prove the business concept and develop a prototype together with prototyping services, high-tech and business consulting.

A total of four tenders were received by the deadline for the SmartCap procurement “Services for the creation and development of knowledge-based start-ups and development of the knowledge-based business ecosystem in Estonia”. None of the submitted tenders met the conditions set out in the procurement documents and were therefore rejected. 

SmartCap is planning to carry out a new procurement procedure and welcomes all tenderers to participate in the new procurement process. The new procurement will be announced in October.